Shrimp/Prawn – declassifying as a meat…

In many instances seafood is not even considered under “meat” production.

Meat and Dairy Production – Our World in Data

Aquaculture has already passed fished seafood in volumes around 6 years ago and surpassed global beef production about the same time.

It is time shrimp swim away from being associated to meat and strike out on their own.

Many attributes make shrimp a great protein source, actually closer to insects than to meat.

So no-one mention insect meat…

….promoting shrimp is best if taken away from the “meat” label.

Natural “shrimp protein” is an option.


Prawn, just like insects, can also be grown on agricultural or plant wastes. Vegan shrimp.

I mean omniverous vannamei already proven to grow on just algae and/or bacterial flocs.

It’s just nobody has done shrimp like this to date 100% and marketed it as such.

Vegetarian grown shrimp..

As part of circular economy perhaps worthy of exploration?

Rough start for UK land-based shrimp farm as virus forces cull….sounds more like stress inducing husbandry, handling and logistics followed by clean up……

It says mortality of over 50% on arrival…..sounds like bad handling to prawnmaster. Removing dead is standard practice. Confused with cull?

One does not cull shrimp – a fishy term.

If system is biosecure then no threat of this stress provoked problem reaching outside facility so no need to cull. Just continue growout. Standing at 12% survival currently.

With commercial logistics, systems, feed review.

Three things to note.

So much for biosecurity, OIE and buying from only approved US sources.

Prawnmaster has continuely argued that the US SPF program for vannamei is compromised. Vannamei is not even endemic to that country.

Secondly – why the word “cull”? If there is a risk to a local population then nothing less of total destruction with a zero discharge policy should be in place – but if that were case it would show biosecurity lapse in system. A cull of shrimp in a system is removing dead ones. So with over 50% dying on arrival not really a cull more a clean up is my guess.

Sounds like they need some Prawnmaster advice….

Proper handling and correct feed should do it….and, buying vannamei seed from Europe in future or use 12% survivors as base line for breeding?

Farmed shrimp – positively swimming in their own microbiome…

People’s response to flu vaccine influenced by gut microbes | News Center | Stanford Medicine..

So how about we do NOT look at a shrimp gut microbiome but instead, we look at the culture medium as the shrimp microbiome.

Sure enough farmed shrimp are positively swimming in their microbiome.

……and the path for prawn was laid…

Aphrodite emerged from the sea and came ashore and at her feet all manner of plants sprang forth”…. John Deacon (13thC AD)

“Prawn (shrimp) farming emerged from the sea and came ashore and at her feet all manner of plant and bacterial protein conversion sprang forth”….Patrick Wood (21stC AD)

….shrimp industry has been through similar episodes….

Look this applies very strongly to those with PDS in the shrimp farming industry.

China will eventually emerge from this mess with bigger, better-managed pig farms

Shrimp have passed through three disease episodes in its relatively short history and consequently has had plenty of experience to emerge better prepared.

Disease promoters please look elsewhere to spread negativity….and just because you think your solution is positive no matter – shrimp industry will not get into depression mode.

The Economist | A porcine phenomenon

The prawn of tomorrow…

IoT and AI is not just about robotic feeding systems.

One day perhaps we will see bespoke feed mixes made to adjust to conditions on specific wired up shrimp farms…..

The Economist | The cow of tomorrow