Aerial view shrimp farm, Guinee West Africa – 1998

……and where we found huge wild Black Tiger (BT) gravid females.

These BT were probably from an experimental project and kept holding on to their fertilized eggs (closed thelycum so can!) due to poor spawning conditions. Coastal waters with very high turbidity.

Currently big wild catch off west Africa as BT settles into new area.

Prawnmaster promotes perfect pack prime processed prawn protein preppers product….

US shrimp imports remained high in February despite coronavirus spread

Frozen healthy food safe protein source.

Robots to the Rescue: How They Can Help During Coronavirus (and Future Pandemics)

Shrimp processing not immune.

More automation in food systems. Less human manipulation.

Prawnmaster – 12 months on and a shrimp blog a day……April Fools Day.

A slight change in tactic.

Going forward posts will not be published daily, although totally possible, until normality is returned to the planet.

Instead prawn posts on newsworthy items will be uploaded on an “as and when” basis – trying to avoid this Coronavirus social news media bias…

Of course… since nothing can be discussed without including pandemic scenarios a higher post interval rate might be incurred.

That written ! Prawnmaster will be uploading a daily photo from the past – with an explanation and perhaps a link to new music listened to at that time…..

Rabobank: Farmed shrimp will be one of hardest hit sectors by coronavirus….but hey, we also got trade data wrong in 2019 by a big margin…

Shrimp are recommended as part of diet against Coronavirus.

EU banks analysts please try to be more positive on tropical marine shrimp industry please. News Media a bit more responsible.

Nice graphs and statistics….but change the will to could please

Shrimp part of the rescue package against Coronavirus – 1,500 Americans die daily from poor diet…..

Here is an interesting opinion piece…