Replace fishmeal in prawn industry – Try A Solar Umbrella for algae harvesting…..

Not just for polluted wastewater but harnessing low energy forward osmosis for algal concentration and harvesting…

Replace fishmeal in shrimp industry.

The Bad Cost Tracking industry…. looks like a challenge for Axa & Spheric Research………

The shrimp industry, the most valuable species within aquaculture measured by global revenue, is effectively un-insurable because of dubious farming methods and high levels of disease?

OMG – what are the markets doing about this ? Dubious farming methods? Mark & Spencers UK? Sainsbury’s? Walmart? What – is BAP/GAA certified not insurable? What about ASC. High levels of disease….help AMR – antimicrobial resistance.

What about insurance post harvest – cold chain, discovery of antibiotics in meat, recalls on food safety?

I don’t think this reporting reflects reality and shows how out of touch insurance and bankers are from industry.

Shrimp industry is high risk high reward – so not really AXA territory – and effectively is managed as self-insured.

High levels of potential for disease – maybe, but manageable with simple good husbandry.

Its not about dubious farming methods – certifiable to anything is possible in the industry.

Transparency has been available for decades with preferred suppliers. Of course the cheap stuff could be iffy – cowboys in industry,

Antibacterial liquid metals: Biofilm treatment via magnetic activation

Add this to the arsenal of chlorine, UV and ozone.

Bio-film build up on shrimp processing equipment and associated food safety important.

A shrimp perspective on the banking industry……

When trying to get your head around the ins and outs of the global shrimp industry maybe you really really don’t want to speak to a banker. Go talk to an experienced commercial shrimp industry specialist.

The sense of “market” is different for a shrimp producer from the “market” referred to in the financial world.

Banking (is being replaced), insurance (shrimp production is mainly self insured), finance (far too expensive)…..hmmm.

So not sure when it is well known that….

……..shrimp seed and feed future contracts will get you through times of no money better than lots of money will get you through times of no shrimp seed or feed.

Investors eye Russia as next frontier of vannamei market expansion….

Seriously? 1000MT in 2019

Catalyzing The Blue Revolution: why would investors want to Turn the Tide on Aquaculture?

Key Takeaway is:

Aquaculture is the fastest-growing form of food production and the source of half the world’s seafood—and most forecasts project continued growth as the global population swells to 10 billion people by 2050.

So why is there a need to turn the tide? Is this another attempt at profile raising? The Blue revolution (aquaculture) has been ongoing now for almost 40 years.

Is this for late comers to the party? Investors who are being told at every opportunity that there are novel disruptive steps possible to an industry that was developed as a disruption to fishing for seafood?

Report here

Maybe shrimp are not as blue as fish….

Review of Planet Tracker's report posted two days ago……….

Have had several requests about not being able to access report posted for downloading on public domain by Planet Tracker.

Can understand difficult to make sense of Prawnmaster review posted. Not sure why report moved.

Here is report.