Shrimp MultiPath es una nueva plataforma de evaluación de patógenos establecidos para transformar la producción mundial de camarones…

Will not “transform” global production but a useful tool to support shrimp industries continued growth. While checking on viruses cheaply it will not mean shrimp farmers can relax. Not a silver bullet and look what happened recently with disease in UK imported shrimp PL’s from USA – under SPF paradigm and surely imported with appropriate health certifications……

So shrimp farmers, approach as another service to your business, not unlike micro-encapsulated shrimp larval feed or the implementation of IQF technology in shrimp processing.


Possibilities for Engineered Insect Tissue as a Food Source | Sustainable Food Systems

Lab grown insects….

While alt meat (plant based and lab grown) is set to rise to anywhere from 10-30% of meat consumption for the planet’s human population in the next decade – the driver is a more health conscious consumers cutting down on red meat….and not necessarily a full move to vegetarianism.

Farmed shrimp will continue to grow as a more efficiently grown healthy option in that space.

Alternative animal protein culture – as in lab based – has also shown promise in the insect space…

Salmon RAS expert AquaMaof gets a taste for shrimp.

Remains to be seen. If salmon production expert why wade into shrimp? Not enough profit growing salmon technology?

Selling technology and equipment is one thing.

Growing and marketing shrimp is a completly different kettle of fish.

The alternative aquafeed ingredient market….

….as a raw material for marine feed in shrimp aquaculture this is an interesting market direction for algae cultivators.

Prawnmaster supports shrimp technology advancements that not only separate the culture from its environment (as in RAS) but that also replaces all fishmeal and oils (all marine fished proteins) with farmed, land based, lab grown or recycled options.

Algae culture is great candidate and already is used in extensive shrimp culture operations.

New Scientific Paper Shows Seafood Consumption Critical for Brain Development • Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Makes sense but is the effect compounded over generation one wonders?

More reasons to keep eating shrimp.

Best Aquaculture Practices new logo – big prominant fish head!!

Oh dear.

Just when shrimp aquaculture is leading the move away from being associated with fishing and even fish in fishmeal in comes BAP with a big fish head on logo.

Does this show the intent and direction of BAP.

Will shrimp certified with a fish head put off customers?

I should a Coco….

Well maybe other certifications will now take lead as BAP may become less relevant to shrimp.

It also shows how a certification movement initially developed closely and sponsored by the shrimp sector has been taken over by fish heads…

Cooking Food Alters the Microbiome | UC San Francisco

Surprised that this is an area only recently being studied.

Stay off the raw prawn is what your microbiome is probably telling you…..uncooked possibly loaded with vibrio.