Just add shrimp to the good egg…

……robot AI chef trained to make omelettes | University of Cambridge

Farmed shrimp are not the future – they are the present.

We are eating shrimp in record numbers. But for how much longer?

Forever says I.

Shrimp fishing requires stewardship and limited volume will require niche marketing for that origin shrimp.

Food | The Guardian

You ain’t seen nothing like the mighty Prawn – bulletproof exo-skeletons…

Researchers Take a Cue from Nature to Create Bulletproof Coatings – University of Houston

Tony Stark and Elon Musk have nothing on the up and coming shell suit being designed by the US military!

Chitin underwear available Japan – odour resistant.

Prawn – ancestors of insects, marine algae fed and laboratory grown seed – the future is here and now.

………and some do not see it?

Prawn feed drones – an alternate future for existing operations.

This article does not apply if you are greenfield where feeding system options are different.

There are many ways to feed prawn.

The move from manual to more concentrated and efficient automatic feeding stations, with acoustic sensing of appetite, is advancing apace in industry.

Shrimp congregate in high densities around these points. A better spread around a pond and more efficient use of surface would increase pond productivity but would requires setting up multiple stations – at elevated costs for replenishment, maintenance, etc.

Automated feed blowers have proven to be pretty destructive on delivery.

So how about latest technology with big payload drones? Deliver replenishment to feeding stations or rig up for direct pond feeding. Acoustic demand signalling from pond could remain. Set drone programmable route, ponds and feed silo with recharge station.

A 20kg payload Dutch industrial drone model

A 200kg payload Norwegian industrial drone model

A 200Kg payload German industrial drone model

A 200kg Russian industrial drone model.

All could be used not just for automatic open pond feeding in semi-intensive shrimp farms but also in fertilizing and even sterilization procedures.

Specific load and release would be required but this can be fairly easily and rapidly designed.

Goes together with the pond parameter drone. The pond shrimp toilet check drone with its daily flyover…

Japanese remote aquaculture technology