Aquaculture cleaning bots….

Urchin bots anyone – will be interesting to see.

Maybe they could be trained to clean salmon of sea-lice…..

……gotta catch them first I guess….didn’t the lasers work guys?


Indian shrimp production actually increasing in 2019, MPEDA says. The spectre of disease disappears…..

Shows how rapidly shrimp industry can “turn on taps”….and how slow observers are to pickup on signals.

We all saw the same with supposed banking and financial analysts falling off their chairs at GOAL 2019 on Ecuadorian actual production figures.

That said it is brilliant! The spectre of disease disappears. Cowboys out.

Most news media just don’t seem to have their hands on the pulse either, just like the bankers and the regulatory authorities…FAO data always behind as well.

Algal and PL counting goes Smart…

Not for the first time…..

Who remembers those shrimp PL counting machines that Shirley Metzger from Sort-rite, Texas, was promoting back in 1990s.

Mixed reviews about the Xpertsea in the shrimp industry. But v.2 might show better promise than v.1 6 years ago.

What does it do – counts shrimp and can count algae.

With toxic algae checking a big thing there is a device that detects harmful algae densities in 15 minutes.  NUS Research News – density counts on algae and runs off a smartphone. 

Beyond vegan burgers: Next-generation protein could come from air, methane, volcanic springs…..

Already does…..what with Calysta using methane to ferment out a protein for feedstock……although algae protein may make sense first….

This beyond vegan burgers is targeting humans…. 

….discontinue using the common bio-floc process that is ubiquitous in the shrimp aquaculture industry….

..from this report from Natural Shrimp.

Some general information about vibrio and a) biofloc process is not ubiquitous at all where the major shrimp growing is done to satisfy commodity markets b) vibrio is also found in the sea so should there be concern to go swimming c) Taiwan shrimp industry collapsed due to vibrio well point infection – maybe a good pre filter technology for shrimp hatcheries also? Or does chlorine and thiosulphate work just as well?

Unsure exactly what the sell is – surely it should be the shrimp harvest as the profit? There are plenty of treatment processes being offered by RAS and equipment companies. From mechanical, chemical, biological, electrical (pulsed ozone, UV, cold plasma).

For God’s sake sell the frigging shrimp guys. I tried to buy the shrimp from Medina del Campo here in Spain over Internet but did not work….