BBC News: Should we stop eating fish and chips?

Whoa – hang on a minute there. Is sustainable fishing now fish farming??

BBC News – Should we stop eating fish and chips?


Neural sleep patterns emerged at least 450 million years ago | News Center | Stanford Medicine

….do shrimp sleep also?

Thwack! Insects feel chronic pain after injury – The University of Sydney

Nociception and pain brakes.

Shrimp harvestors be prepared….

…..shrimp ethics….–insects-feel-chronic-pain-after-injury.html

Laser-induced sound pinging (LISP): A rapid photoacoustic method to determine the speed of sound in microliter fluid volumes

Potentially useful for future shrimp aquaculture parameter measurements and even in food safety…

Sale of Pescanova’s Nicaragua ops said to be in the works; company denies it…

Interestingly makes business sense for New PescaNova to remain only in core wild fishing operations and divest out of shrimp aquaculture.

Not sure here who is confirming or who is denying what…but does sound like a leak…or creative journalism?

Pescanova have the brand market covered for most all seafood in Spain anyway and looking to grow in USA again…what with new CEO appointment.

So while getting into shrimp aquaculture was a useful undertaking back in the day and was facilitated by EU funds, the nature of the global vannamei supply market being commodity driven, the marketing and distribution arms may be supporting a settled complacency in production….with no competive pressure at operational level.

Divesting locally to a dedicated operator that has to compete against others globally may be a better strategy for New Pescanova.

Insects…descendants of shrimp.

….so why not just eat the shrimp?