Prawn processing from traditional Tapas Lagoon shrimp aquaculture – Mexico 1989

Tapa that blocks the exit to the lagoon. Closed after shrimp spawning season starts.
Cooking shrimp for local network of bars and cantinas… Weir gate and tapa in background
Drying cooked shrimp – This lagoon was 1,500 hectares and used natural seed and feed to grow out around 60,000-100,000 Kg/year. Harvests were continual small scale with an end of season larger harvest to a local processor.

Prawnmaster flies over what was probably the first shrimp farm in Mexico – Los Mochis 1989

Prawnmaster flies over one of the first shrimp farm in Mexico – Ahome Acuicola.

Mexico 1989 – design and construction of commercial volume algal facilities…..

Negative pressure flame cupboards. Bio-secure strain holding room.
Raised areas for 300 litres – allowing for drain harvests and easy removal for washing/sterilizing
Flourescent light tubes, incoming seawater lines – filtered, sterilized.
Electrical light wiring and seawater lines in air conditioned room.