2018 – 2021 New Challenges

Well here below is a list of projects of interest that I am working in over coming years.

However one that cannot make public yet but, as always, related to shrimp and incorporating elements from past and outside shrimp industry to map future.

Here to register interest please – state interest and what you can bring to table.

Prawnmaster Blog – tracking relevant global future food trends, shrimp aquaculture and market intelligence.

Monitoring of media, technology and applications in shrimp production and markets. Keeping an eye on blockchain, IoT, AI, edge computing, robotics, genetics, feeds, RAS, NPD, processing advances, regulatory compliance, global trade and anything else to do with shrimp aquaculture industry.

Continuing shrimp mission – uploading & categorizing past relevant data and intelligence on shrimp aquaculture, processing and markets. Using this background with current developments to map future growth strategies for the industry.

Shrimp aquaculture, unlike fisheries, is a non-peaked resource but for continued high growth production efficiencies and incremental market demand is required. From the experiences of the past the future can be better mapped. So supporting demand growth projects in markets upstream and downstream in shrimp supply chain.

Writing the book to explain better how a group of bio-engineers in Ecuador in the 1980’s, implementing advanced marine/space technologies, domesticated the first crustacean on the planet and commercialized it into a globally sustainable industry with growing multi-billion dollar revenue.

Continued R&D on processing of shrimp. Robotic de-heading equipment. Currently does not exist globally! Minimize and replace human handling as next step in making the industry more efficient.

An advanced harvesting and quality assurance technology.

Steamans – VapTap © – Food steaming process technology

Shrimptailbar – shrimp branding targeting end consumers

NOUCALog – a quality assurance platform. To boldly go where no food auditors go. Applicable to current food processing facilities. HR support for ethical and responsible sourcing – labor and food safety issues.

Africa – continued work in the development and support of a sustainable shrimp aquaculture industry growth with a focus on Africa.

Intensive shrimp – Promote & support RAS shrimp aquaculture technology.

If vannamei to be grown exotically then lobby and push for this to be done under same conditions as end target market regulations using advanced technologies for bio-secure closed system culture.