FFF – PrawnMaster Championship Offshore Challenge.

End of month.

…and its not about Fish Free Feed, or about Fuck Fake Friends or the French Football Force..

It is Prawnmasters Forward Foresight Future shrimp challenge. Yes one for the alt 3F Shrimp (Prawn) playbook is offshore, ocean culture in areas where same shrimp fished.

It it an insight? Is it a foresight? Is it AI?

No! its a Prawnmaster commentary and prediction…

We all note the salmon farming strategy – salmon dominates current Aquaculture news/ corporate / business / PR / CSR agendas just like Bexit – exit due date today btw for those disconnected.

This chase of future growth areas by a move upstream to landbased, RAS and the use of nurseries is laudable and salmon industry can learn a lot from the shrimp industry technology, where these systems are embedded in the dna of responsible players and industry for past 40 years. In salmon everyone is jostling and looking for the next “space”.

Yes laudable to drive technology. Prawnmaster stipulation would be, that for exotic species to be grown then, market approved containment technology should be mandatory. If farmed in areas where locally fished containment rules need not apply.

Exclusions and limitations could apply but as purely commercial considerations.

However, the future for shrimp farming growth apart from increasing production is to go in the opposite direction and look for growth in the ocean space.

Yes downstream into the offshore ocean space.

Current shrimp aquaculture industry is jostling for increased productions from same land based footprint. It is a race to the bottom chasing a commodity from within same old same old survival, growth rates, genetics, health and nutrition spaces.

Shrimp technology future move into ocean space will be to help alleviate many constraints. Environmental. Planetary. Space. IT robotics.

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