Why believing in climate change is good, for shrimp, tuna seafood and the planet………

Nothing like warmer weather for tropical aquaculture and making temperate areas that little bit more feasible…

Read somewhere yesterday that tuna fish, especially yellowfin, is thriving and stock will grow with current climate change.

So thats a positive to feed the planet. Especially in poorer southern hemisphere countries that cannot afford meat.

While meat itself goes out of fashion in developed economies other proteins will take up slack. Shrimp protein can do just that.

Similar to when aquaculture took up the fishmeal space when poultry and swine dropped it….remember those fish tasting chickens.

So less meat more seafood in general is good for the planet.

So what about resources then. Fished seafood has peaked but can be nowadays managed. Fishmeal is basically well managed and a constant.

At global level responsible stewardship in fishing (dominion over species) should also make sure the catch is carried out in a civilized and humane fashion befitting a sentient creature that is a fish.

Crustaceans rules, as the ancestors of insects, are different.

As for extinction Rebellion and this Greta girl….eat less meat is good message…….eat more healthy shrimp and seafood instead.