The aquaculture industry is trying to take fish out of fish food. Are microalgae the solution?

Well written overview.

For those of us in the industry nothing new.

Just re-enforces direction and path we are already on.

Customers at risk due to ‘confusing’ allergen labelling

Here I am wondering that while we don’t have this problem with shrimp – as they are considered allergens already – would restaurants and food handlers with shrimp on menu just blanket allergen label all food in mitigation to cover potential cross contamination?

Comet Inspires Chemistry for Making Breathable Oxygen on Mars |

Of course a major problem of Shrimp RAS is gasses in the growing zone and how ventilation is required. Two problems with ventilation : 1. Heat/ energy loss from that put in to run at 28-30 degrees. 2. Not containment biosecure anymore if exhausting gases.

Could eventually something like this have a place in future RAS?

In the name of shrimp (2)….prison in Ecuador….

Ecuador 1985.

Supporting the construction of a shrimp farm near El Morro, Guayas, I had the pleasure of receiving the local concejal, Carlos Ortiz, who came onto the site and declared “in the name of Abdalá Bucaram we requisition your D7’s immediately”.

I said “No, ask Abdala to talk to the owners of the equipment and when they come back on radio to me then I will release use”.

Concejal Ortiz went off in a huff and came back 3 hours later with 3 policemen.

He said “Abdala does not go to the people – the people go to Abdala. Get in the car we are going to Guayaquil.”

I got taken straight to prison in Guayaquil and was put in a 2m x 2m cell shared with 2 others. No seats or beds.

Released next day with apologies from police General with whom I shared a great shrimp ceviche for breakfast.

The bulldozers were for making a football pitch in El Morro.

Large-scale eco 3D printing made possible by shrimps and cellulose – 2018 media report from 3D Printing Industry

3D printing using chitin for biofilter structures. RAS. Containment. Circular economy. Ag tech.

An alternative non marine source of Omega 3….

Get your future Omega 3 here…. new source of more affordable long-chain omega-3 fatty acids could give fish oil, krill, and microalgae a run for their money and open up new fortification opportunities for food manufacturers, claims Barcelona-based start-up Cubiq Foods, which has developed a platform to produce EPA and DHA from fat tissue cultured from poultry stem cells…

….investors here are same guys on to my friends at Bioflytech insect platform.

Interesting for salmon feed and to compete on fish oils, krill and microalgae ( currently) but cannot see mileage yet for vannamei shrimp aquaculture whose requirements are not so carniverous.

Insect inclusion rate in shrimp feed max 10%. Will not replace fishmeal but algae can 100%.

Independent Robotics – Aqua2 Robots

This is the kit for aquaculture…..imagine…

….video, sampling, corralling fish, harvesting, repair work….

…once it gets cheaper maybe!