Shrimp petition – free movement and closed RAS

Lots of voting going on currently around the world. Spain, UK, EU, India….

….and Prawnmaster has never voted in his 40+adult voting age life as really waiting for possibility (and it is coming!) to vote on issues rather than people.

This way we bypass the politics. Simple. In future politics becomes more alligned to show business and news media model…..

…..hang on….we are already there!

So it is with shrimp and current global regulations. Not democratic but imposed on and supported by a political industrial framework.

The petition is thus:

Global free movement for live vannamei shrimp regardless origin and, where exotic, has to be kept and/or cultured in closed containment RAS. Harvested shrimp treated accordingly for market where located or end consumer destination.

Effectivly respect and make planet the genetic sink.

Works with Convention on Biological Diversity. Just USA is only country not to have signed.