Seafood importers and consumers, not China, bear brunt of Trump tariffs | IntraFish

Good for industry. Frozen tilapia too cheap already – regardless the way the business is cut.

Good for global aquaculture. But bearing brunt – what does that really mean… tightening belts?…..a health necessity in some parts of the world….not really a problem then is it…..

Other points:

a) Most US importers of China frozen fish are China funded. Margins are large.

b) Tilapia was too cheap already but a great feed the world fish. Fresh better.

c) Other markets and species can now compete with the China output…..and reprocessing industry.

d) China tilapia all frozen. Trade to Africa growing.

e) Like Vietnam farmed catfish could tilapia protein ever have got so low in production cost to be considered a fishmeal substitute?

e) Local US aquaculture boost

f) Consumers understand that fish is healthy and will still eat their seafood.