Primer camarón en el mundo en incorporar la tecnología Blockchain para la trazabilidad – a word of warning.

A fundamental misconception about blockchain but great long term marketing play for IBM Food Trust.

Shrimp traceability for consumers has been around longtime. I had records to farmers, processed lot codes and day codes on shrimp boxes in the 1990’s.

Then as importers and distributors we had efficient data on documentations and hosted on SAP ERP supply chain modules back in 2005.

Trace Register started out with shrimp back in 2006. At that time it was an option for SC and was supported by BAP standards. ASC did not exist.

Traceability with preferred and trusted suppliers has never been a real issue for companies with well setup supply chains.

Effective rapid traceability from supermarket shelves back to farm has been around long time for shrimp. Goes hand in hand with retailer recall requirements.

In this “blockchain” system promoted here there is nothing different but it is interesting that it is being promoted as inmutable information for consumers along each step of the way downstream. Its part of a marketing/PR program now. A future B2C program for ASC. Not just B2B.

Of course IBM wants to be storing the data. This can later be developed for insight into markets and marketing. Food Trust is a great platform but….

…. it is only as good as the data inputted.

Therefore if put in wrong…..comes out wrong. Internally if 55% of those signed on to a blockchain deal agree to a change it can be done..

….it is not a 100%. It will help traceability of packaged product (as data is accessed via code) but not necessarily the actual product.

Blockchain is nice marketing that farmers are buying into and because perhaps it is ASC supported will help get EU traction.

Imagine though that theoretically even with chain of custody a repack in the EU could result in a product switch…

Marks & Spencers shrimp DNA trace will however track the shrimp themselves.

A copyrighted (immutable information) document, holding multiple photos can be held in a third party US legally supported vault for under $1.

Hope this IBM/SSP does not raise costs on shrimp just gives consumers a rapid method to see origin product as mandatory under food.

Lastly – does not guarantee food safety at all.