BBC News: Food trust ‘undermined’ by delivery firms over hygiene

…until consumer receives product all are part of the problem in the food safety and food supply chain…just as Food Safety Agency should tighten up on anything sold under 3 rating surely.

Insurance may apply and recalls may follow now with more added labelling laws.

Simple HACCP should be observed until delivery. Ghost kitchens probably will have an edge.

Or insist MSC for ocean caught or other on seafood…which would mean chain-of-custody certification at each point of handover – including reprocessors, handlers and logistics servers….smart Blockchain of course.

Just Eats are right though that these same traders can sell to Joe Public. Empower tick box inspectirs to apply more pressure and do this by changing the regulations. Like three is cease trade…

MSC Bonito Tuna in Olive Oil….delicious.

…or Ocean caught MSC shrimp in brine.

Ocean Swimming Alters Skin Microbiome….

….especially when swimming with shrimp being harvested…..

…those pesky tropical vibrios.

Does this mean I could dose my pool to alter my skin microbiome? In a positive healthy fashion? Healthy swimming in a Spa? Mud baths and all lablab…,-Increasing

Benchmark plots web of Asian JVs ahead of disease-resistant shrimp release…

Interesting that future developments are notably focussing on shrimp aquaculture.

DNA marking of consumer product to origin and broodstock will give full traceability along supply chain.

All processes at each step need to be transparent as well – for marketing.

Shame shrimp is talked about and picture shows what looks like fish eggs….!

Cargill, InnovaFeed tie-up deemed boost for insect protein sector

…and potentials in shrimp feed sector.

Is Oman now accepting pacific white vannamei culture?

Not sure but will verify soon.


….the opportunities?

….the competitive landscape, Gulf or regional….

Sustainably developed? Full containment for exotic species culture?

Is broodstock from native vannamei facilities allowed or is it only allowed OIE approved SPF from USA?

If only SPF this mean commodity vannamei and if so local feed or imported raw material?

So working with local raw market suppliers and developing local end consumer markets is going to be important for growth.

Does not make sense to import 4kg of feed to export 1kg finished product…taking into account FCR 2.2 and a dehead of 55% yield….and compete with other low cost commodity suppliers.

Markets for products – GCC centric?

More later…

‘Drastic’ drop in Indian shrimp seeding likely to have global impact by fall | Undercurrent News

20% drop is not that drastic and will not have global impact. India is not the only player and we have seen this all happen before out of other producer countries over past two decades…

…..not clear from headlines:

A. If a lower stocking density the target could be faster growth to bigger sizes on less feed and for better sales pricing. Still same biomass volume harvest just bigger shrimp.

B. If it is same stocking density but lower surface area seeded then same small sizes being chased. Small sizes are cheap currently but competition is there. If prices go up then farmers can always harvest early.

So while some people consider this will have a global impact unfortunately they are newly understanding how the global shrimp farming industry flexes…