Argentina red shrimp party over as farmed product floods China, European market | Undercurrent News

Reads like Seafood News Media being used to talk down prices from demand side.

As I only do the headline news bit – unless I can get in – then I wonder where the sources are from?

Certainly in Southern Europe if you sold langostinos ( farmed shrimp) as gambas (ocean caught) you would run into severe mislabelling laws and subsequently illegal activities.

While in UK or Northern European jargon “shrimp” is a catchall phrase….rest of Europe bit wiser.

Red Argentinean lies in a complete different segment in the countries where the real volumes move.

….and now with new value added pricessing capabilities and a rapid rise in quality (Pescanova bigotes advertising) USA is a huge potential market…the rest..

….well let them eat cake!