Startup’s hi-tech bucket gets in way of shrimp strategy pursued by Cargill, Skretting.

….come on Matt!

You must know by now shrimp aquaculture is a numbers game!

Survival is the only important variable in Western Hemisphere shrimp culture.

Growth rate is known depending stocking density and feeding strategy used.

Final harvest volume therefore linked directly to seed survival which means initial number stocked/traded.

Can mean repeat business for hatcheries to get good survivals downstream.

Farmers also like survival over growth in the Americas where there have been several PL counting machines developed over the decades.

Shirley Metzger (Sort-rite out of Texas) personally showed me one effective counter at a trade show once.

It was meant to be independant of human intervention (cheating?). So can understand appeal but surely Skretting/Cargill could buy company…

…aha are you on the Board or an advisor perhaps? Or have had contractual work with the.?

Anyway hatchery PL counts in the land of vannamei became more exacting than bartering on beaches for wild larvae…..

All systems tested…size, length, weight, volumetric, mixed……then check rostra to see if really vannamei, styli or some other species.

Stress test and exacting counts became norm in Western Hemisphere shrimp aquaculture hatchery operations and industry development especially for farms where survival is the most valued seed trait.

In SE Asia , India and China growth rate is more important than survival rates. Probably because billions of seed can easily and rapidly be supplied cheaply if needed…