Global Food Standards – shrimp leading the way….Post 1: Overview.

Global food standards nowadays cover a wide range of offerings. There are a plethora of standards available, covering everything from environmental issues, social aspects,  technical and operational, food safety, animal welfare, trade….you name it there is a standard to cover.

For larger organisations internally promoted food standards were an important part of brand protection for decades but the reach, depth and extent were not there. The wider food industry was still finding its way with technology and media starting to play its part and the importance of market feedback becoming more obvious.

Standards that are certified and independent have arisen only in the past 25 years, together with a massive ancillary service industry, and from being effectively non existent three decades ago.

Global Food Standards development was driven and pioneered by the growth of the fastest protein food production industry on the planet, namely shrimp aquaculture.

So in this series of few posts we will take a look how this came about….and what it means going forward…