Global Food Standards – shrimp leading the way….Post 2: always ahead of the game.

Pushed by so called champagne environmentalists out of the UK back in the 1970’s.

Championed by forward thinking retailers such as UK M & S and supported by Unilever’s involvement in the fishmeal raw material and protein conversion production industry. Not really standards back then but definitely standard operating procedures and responsibilities in an array of areas such as the environment and child labor.

In the early 1980’s, media news stories start taking on importance. If bad practices got out to the market then share prices could be affected. The UK stock market was very sensitive.

So a requirement was to be ahead of the game always.

This thinking was crucial and is still just as important 35 years ago as it is today. To be retroactive and curative is not such a good trait. It is inefficient and expensive for business. What is needed is to be proactive and preventative. This also requires a larger world view…..and aspirational targets.

As a nascent industry this thinking was taken on board early on by shrimp farmers and this was later developed and applied in shrimp processing, markets downstream and horizontally in the industry. In fact these standards processes have now been translated to other species globally.