Africa shrimp focused food security solution – eat prawn!

Fishing stocks in Africa have been decimated. How about eating shrimp/prawn instead?

Wild sustainable population of introduced exotic black tiger monodon shrimp are now found off the coast of west Africa and at local artesanal and industrial volumes.

Promotion of prawn in African end consumer market is what is required now. Prawn meat is a healthy nutritious complete local protein source.

NEPAD, UNFAO and African countries please take note. Promotion of eating prawn protein locally as a compact complete nutritional packet should be encouraged.

Support local food security and also alleviate coastal community poverty in Africa – eat prawn.

Protein Scorecard – low impact shrimp…yo!

Therefore, we felt comfortable overall listing “fish” on the scorecard as relatively on par with other lower-impact animal-based proteins on (eggs, poultry, pork).

……and we know shrimp aquaculture is on a par or even less impact than tilapia…

Intrafish – sorry poor mainstream seafood headline news – journo’s lack of business nous…

A win for seafood does not come off the back of the missfortunes of others.

The shrimp aquaculture industry does not support statements made like this one in Intrafish yesterday.

Reading the Rabobank report there is no mention at all of other proteins ‘winning’ out on this. They say clearly losses from ASF to lift “all protein boats”.

We, and the hundreds of thousands of shrimp farmers on the planet, would like to express our condolences and support to fellow farmers for what is currently happening with ASF.

Our shrimp industry has passed through three similar viral episodes over past three decades.

Intrafish journalists – please be a bit more professional on reporting sensitive issues and while we understand your close ties to a consolidated, concentrated (under investigation for price fixing) salmon fish sector, the seafood sector and farming sector has a far larger remit.