Africa shrimp focused food security solution – eat prawn!

Fishing stocks in Africa have been decimated. How about eating shrimp/prawn instead?

Wild sustainable population of introduced exotic black tiger monodon shrimp are now found off the coast of west Africa and at local artesanal and industrial volumes.

Promotion of prawn in African end consumer market is what is required now. Prawn meat is a healthy nutritious complete local protein source.

NEPAD, UNFAO and African countries please take note. Promotion of eating prawn protein locally as a compact complete nutritional packet should be encouraged.

Support local food security and also alleviate coastal community poverty in Africa – eat prawn.

Protein Scorecard – low impact shrimp…yo!

Therefore, we felt comfortable overall listing “fish” on the scorecard as relatively on par with other lower-impact animal-based proteins on (eggs, poultry, pork).

……and we know shrimp aquaculture is on a par or even less impact than tilapia…

Intrafish – sorry poor mainstream seafood headline news – journo’s lack of business nous…

A win for seafood does not come off the back of the missfortunes of others.

The shrimp aquaculture industry does not support statements made like this one in Intrafish yesterday.

Reading the Rabobank report there is no mention at all of other proteins ‘winning’ out on this. They say clearly losses from ASF to lift “all protein boats”.

We, and the hundreds of thousands of shrimp farmers on the planet, would like to express our condolences and support to fellow farmers for what is currently happening with ASF.

Our shrimp industry has passed through three similar viral episodes over past three decades.

Intrafish journalists – please be a bit more professional on reporting sensitive issues and while we understand your close ties to a consolidated, concentrated (under investigation for price fixing) salmon fish sector, the seafood sector and farming sector has a far larger remit.

The flap of a butterfly wing – Brazil, meat, soy…..and shrimp trace-ability.

An interesting view here on the politics of Amazon fires……

…..and Africa has more ongoing fires than the Amazon.

But the lungs of the planet surely are the Oceans…..

Take out for shrimp…

  1. Eat less red meat – try eating more shrimp as better for the planet.
  2. Don’t buy or grow shrimp on unsustainable non-certified soy from Brazil. Check origins.
  3. Buy only non exotic shrimp grown in semi-intensive systems where algae is also grown.

When can we expect to see Iranian farmed vannamei in Europe?

Is technology in Iran based on US SPF vannamei?

Surely not! Must be French.

BBC News – G7 summit: Trump ‘would meet Iran’s Rouhani if circumstances right’

Macron negotiating direct shrimp deliveries with Rouhani…….offset deal with Total.

Aquaman 2 – with Aqualad. Coming to a screen near you!

Arch nemesis is Mecha Manta– a weaponized DC Universe version of underwater Manta shrimp.….even more powerful though is the plasma forming pistol shrimp.

Of course Aquaman still has to face the return of the Giants of El Morro!

Legend has it that in El Morro, Ecuador, landed a team of extra-terrestrials and when gravity could not support them they all entered into the Pacific Ocean. One did not make it – seen here lying down and now petrified. Up close still has communication crucible. Those that went into the oceans multiplied, separated and were reduced in size by pressure, growing into different races until they emerged out of the waters in humanoid form…..

Selling Pork pies to the US and maybe porkie pies to British…

What is going on at the G7 with food?

Food safety issues? Of course surely UK understands the need for a legal point of entry for US distribution. How else could food recalls be insured against or even activated or litigated against.

Its easier to act if there is someone there in US able to act. Responsibility, traceability in food business can do tjis.

It comes down to getting involved more downstream and investing more perhaps to become regulatory compliant with US law and FSMA.

This below on BBC

Offering an example of an American trade restriction, Mr Johnson said: “Melton Mowbray pork pies, which are sold in Thailand and in Iceland, are currently unable to enter the US market because of, I don’t know, some sort of food and drug administration restriction.”

He continued: “UK bell peppers cannot get into the US market at all.

“Wine shipments are heavily restricted. If you want to export wine made in England to the US you have to go through a US distributor.

“There is a tax on British micro-breweries in the US that doesn’t apply to US micro-breweries in the UK.”