Shrimp project in Qatar…..

Here is information

GCC market is relatively small with Iran, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh all growing industries on doorstep.

Not to mention projects in KSA and Oman. Egypt also ramping up.

Qatar would export to where? Europe would put in tariffs if subsidies involved.

If monodon may stand chance (with renewed interest from Japan) but intensive RAS monodon is very much experimental and producing commodity vannamei is a challenge in market.

Great for team of consultants but begs question if this is about raising money/selling technology or raising shrimp? If it is raising shrimp what is happening with Global Blue project in Texas? Texas not big enough? If profitable hope it is expanding to grow more shrimp.

Who remembers the $150m caviar/sturgeon operation in Abu Dhabi. Great for German consultancy and made team very wealthy but will never make a profit to pay back Capex.