Selling Pork pies to the US and maybe porkie pies to British…

What is going on at the G7 with food?

Food safety issues? Of course surely UK understands the need for a legal point of entry for US distribution. How else could food recalls be insured against or even activated or litigated against.

Its easier to act if there is someone there in US able to act. Responsibility, traceability in food business can do tjis.

It comes down to getting involved more downstream and investing more perhaps to become regulatory compliant with US law and FSMA.

This below on BBC

Offering an example of an American trade restriction, Mr Johnson said: “Melton Mowbray pork pies, which are sold in Thailand and in Iceland, are currently unable to enter the US market because of, I don’t know, some sort of food and drug administration restriction.”

He continued: “UK bell peppers cannot get into the US market at all.

“Wine shipments are heavily restricted. If you want to export wine made in England to the US you have to go through a US distributor.

“There is a tax on British micro-breweries in the US that doesn’t apply to US micro-breweries in the UK.”