Why Africa should ‘stop eating one of its favourite foods’ – and

Prawnmaster suggests that some of this local grain is promoted into aquaculture in Africa. Tilapia is it. Catfish as well.

Especially to support local fish famers with local raw material.

No to imports of feedstock ingredients.

FAO knows this and governments are starting to see apps at local levels. Fish in Africa needs boosting and if food conversion ratios can get one-to-one that is target. One kg pap = 1 kg fish….

Also using wastes to achieve more local circular economy…..

Shrimp/prawn will have to wait it’s day.

BBC News – Why Africa should ‘stop eating one of its favourite foods’

Why beyond shrimp will not be an issue….

The insight was crystallized for Prawnmaster with the understanding behind the realization of the purpose.

Alternative to meat offerings are always welcome, especially with an older health conscience public. The approach was via a nutritional and health angle. A way to deliver healthier options. Not to compete necessarily.

Uptake by millennial’s (hip technology) and narrative being used as a vegan banner is NOT the driver just collateral to the massive market of meat loving humans looking at their guts. The new microbiome burger.

BUT no-one goes into a restaurant and looks for an alternative to shrimp – except maybe unless you are a vegan….market just not there then to enter into at any volume with a purpose or proposition….

……shrimp aquaculture needs to lay aspirational groundwork to stay Beyond current commodity shrimp markets. Be one step ahead. Reaching out for tomorrow.

The Prawn Games in China…..no global effect…

Well it certainly is not about hunger but China controlling import flows into country.

Checking for white spot and yellow head in frozen heads-on product. It is a general tightening up on viruses in the wake of ASF (African Swine Fever virus).

For trade it was Saudi off/then on. Iran on. Ecuador off then partial on. All in space of two weeks.

Actually non effect on global shrimp prices – except in China.

That said shrimp imports, now at a better price in China, may start to go up as people look to alternative proteins to pig.

Saudi has green lane visa probably now to China……and of course a €300m Chinese investment to boost aquaculture production…ya!