CP Foods finds opportunity in farmed shrimp disease crisis…

Crisis? What crisis? Link to Supertramp.

…..am pretty sure that CP Foods operation will find opportunity and be succesful – they have a world class shrimp operational team working on their RAS.

Latest technology would no doubt mean AI, robotics, edge computing, sensors, IoT, etc.

Hopefully the opportunity is for growth for all shrimp farmers in the industry.

The seafood media should growup and stop talking up a non existent disease crises in shrimp aquaculture.

Bigger consortiums should look to a better message to promote their brands. An all inclusive supportive message. Starting with ratcheting down disease issues as a driver to opportunities.

Why Thai shrimp production dropped and came to stabilise will be commented on tomorrow on this blog and how it manifested as a disease.

This article however is more about brand marketing and raising profiles and funds no doubt…