Strategic prawn conspiracy………good farming practices.

…a fictional theory.

A plot (strategy) developed by certain regions to de-stabilize shrimp production in others or as a means to control market prices.

So, say for example, Australia says I’m alright Jack, got my shrimp bio-security in place.

Then previously undetected diseases popup in Australia supplier nations. Import controls in place, prices rise. Good for local shrimp farmers. A fortress protectionism strategy.

Of course this is fiction but recent disease noises showing up in SPF offspring for vannamei is interesting. Is it perhaps using new diagnostics that one can see what was previously undetectable and possibly hope to gain from it………has happened before in shrimp industry.

For shrimp farmers one should always start from the premise that seed has been screened or stress tested first – either in nurseries or at hatchery level and that sucessfull culture now depends on YOUR good management and husbandry.