Here’s a list of the plant-based imitators trying to eat seafood’s market share, and the investors backing them | IntraFish

…….as seafood and fish protein from Ocean resources gets less and less due to overfishing one can understand and support all these players in the fish protein space.

There is a huge market gap looming. So why not look to fill….people in markets looking to replace beef. Its a health led thing.

Seafood could help lower beef consumption, as well as a health led issue. People are not looking to replace seafood but alt seafood could have its own space with certain sectors.

Seafood companies need to embrace and row in same direction. Perhaps we ought to call it a surf and turf strategy. No-one should feel “under attack”.

Prawn (specifically farmed shrimp) is a different kettle of fish though, haha.

Prawnmaster will show on Sunday post and after ruminating on Beyond Meat scientific meetup…