Prawnland India – things need to change.

70% of Indian surface water contaminated.

12 of world’s 15 most polluted cities are in India.

No wonder there is concern for prawn human food export coming out of India and its ability to deliver or grow further for world markets.

Internally things need to change!

Of course real shrimp farmers don’t retire…..

Recently read about an ex-shrimp farmer who wrote that “…now that I am retired….”

Guess he really meant ‘not earning on the operational side’ but hey, shrimp farmers never really retire………

……………..They pass it on to the next generation!

Yes I am talking sustainable shrimp aquaculture.

Skin Exposure to Narrow Band Ultraviolet (UVB) Light Modulates the Human Intestinal Microbiome

Always thought good to wake up on a sunny day

Humans need it as do shrimp ponds whose microbiomes are long time modulated by exposure to sunlight.

Wonder what is effect of suncreams in sunlight or directly absorbed into body (seriously? Black….)…