Prawnmaster Sunday prawn cookup.

Prawnmaster did not study Marine Biology unlike most of his UK contemporaries who went into shrimp hatcheries.

Prawnmaster is a soil scientist and oceanographer – specialized in delta formations and siliclastic shorelines.

Estuaries and beaches land/ocean interfaces. Yes coastal areas, beaches, surfing…

He initially went into shrimp farming from an environmental perspective studying the relationships of soils, mangroves, water quality, feed and feeding habits for shrimp in their natural and pond habitats.

Prawnmasters first work in shrimp farms in 1983 was bottom pond soil analyses (chemical, physical, biological), pond water quality parameter development for shrimp pond waters and algal/fertiizer relationship trials – all at commercial level

Undoubtedly the academic expert on this is Dr. Claude Boyd. Boyd started out on water quality in catfish farms in the US and in 1980’s developed paddlewheels for aeration for fish. It was in the 1990’s that he moved also into shrimp aquaculture and, started not only looking at water qualities but also soil/pond bottoms – a different scenario with shrimp of course, being benthic, detritus feeders unlike many fish.