Demise of Shrimp List Group with purchase of Yahoo by Verizon…..

A topic board that seeded many shrimp thoughts over past ……… and many topics covered for past 20 odd years…..

……….however recent movements have been slow – this is probably more due to the dirth of specialized niche platforms.

Prawn in Japan….

Japan has an enormous influence on demand volume of global shrimp trade.

Who can forget the shrimp price crash when Emperor Hirohito died in 1989. No shrimp was consumed for one year in Japan out of respect and this affected global prices.

Then came Emperor Akihito – like his father, also a a marine biologist.

Now with new Emperor Naruhito, Rugby World Cup and the Olympics in 2020 rest assured prawn are shrimply on the ascendancy and will absorb global supply increase – especially for Black Tiger.

So with that back to the Rugby World Cup semi finals in Japan and more shrimp to celebrate with….

Disease challenges biggest obstacle to India‚Äôs shrimp success

India pushing envelope.

….and yet more antibiotics will make matters worse….so that is not answer to disease thank you very much.

Solutions lie in better specific feed and robust seed.

An increased intensification can only succeed with a correct nutritional profiling of feed and water. Any less and consequent stress expresses disease.

Indias path requires developing BT and indicus and, at same time, making sure seed is robust and feed is good quality…