Aquaculture: A Regional Look at a Global Industry – opportunity gap in USA.

2018 here

and 2014 in link below..

Aquaculture: A Regional Look at a Global Industry | Cleantech Group

Nature’s Solution to Climate Change – it’s those shrimp eating mammals – again!

Yes our familiar shrimp eating mammals – here to save the planet again.

‘Self-cleaning’ concrete could keep buildings looking new.

Yes perfect Shrimpcrete for shrimp hatchery tanks.

Or RAS facilities, floating salmon closed culture systems – capability to keep bacteria clean – does it work in seawater condition me wonders…?

Source: American Chemical Society

Lessons learnt. Development of shrimp industries globally.

Here is a quick power-point Prawnmaster acquired and adapted for shrimp industry development…

Source : DBSA, DFID and NEPAD

Prawnographic – vannamei is farmed across 36 countries.

Vannamei constituted the highest production value of all aquacultured species in 2017, $26.7 billion – $10bn more than the overall value of farmed Atlantic salmon

Here is a great overview report of current state of play in shrimp grow-out globally.

Game changers – the movie. Well worth a look at……but what about the whales?

Game changers the movie link here.

While it makes sense to follow the dietary route shown on the film documentary and fish farming gets short thrift there are no discussions on the prawn!

Lest we forget shrimp are not fish. A different narrative is slowly being grown around shrimp to take it to next level in healthy nutritional foods.

The premise of that ‘strong as an Ox’ – and who has seen Ox eat meat. Elephants and Rhinos the same. Yes great and all well and good for land based animals but, guess what, the biggest and most impressive mammal on this planet eats…….well yes shrimp !

Without shrimp one would not have whales.

Looking forward to developing further and seeing how shrimp performs in the protein space. You may be surprised.

Starting with don’t try this at home – until you have genetically reached your growth potential……..and then fine.

Highly Floatable Superhydrophobic Metallic Assembly for Aquatic Applications…prawntastic…

Think, think, think – what could this be used for in marine shrimp environments….