Demise of relevance of green shrimp – Long live the new (King) Prawn

Surprised to see the term “green” shrimp used on a slide presented at GOAL 2019. 

Of course it is the old commercial trade term used for raw fished headless shrimp from the 1970’s but with shrimp aquaculture and the rise of peeled value added and heads-on markets the term started to lose relevance.

It is still the market name for US fished p.Setiferus though.

End user associate green with other things – and never really eat green shrimp – just pink really – once cooked.

Expected Trends should perhaps include Europe (biggest market) also? ….and get some updated 2019 marketing terms for those shrimp farmers stuck out there in the 1980’s. 

The major worry for the shrimp industry is not disease on the supply side but marketing shrimp on the demand side. Not surprisingly looking at this 2019 survey slide, held at the Global Outlook for Aquaculture Leadership, there is a lack of, well, leadership….