Global plastic – Europe leading the way in education.

I remember in the 1970’s swimming off Monaco where floating human feces was our major problem. You had to water ski around the shit. The Oceanographic Institute in Monaco released an exotic seaweed accidentally into the sea when cleaning out a tank back then.

In the 1980’s vibrio was also common. Sea urchins were carriers. Offshore boats were collecting the seaweed every year for decades from the release – not plastics! Talk about near shore beach cleanups. Tourism and all that…

In the UK in the 1970’s children were receiving police in all schools as the Dangerous Litter act went from £10 to £100. Celebrities were used in the Keep Britain Tidy – Tidyman campaign. It was very public and children got involved – it was a jolt for Baby Boomer families because that education led to children shaming adults…….even in public………..shame is more that world did not learn faster.

Generation X parents were not all on board yet its only from Millennial on that there was 100% on boarding – but by then their near environment was well covered.

Fast forward to 2019. Most ocean plastic wastes come from just 10 rivers and countries where education requires bolstering. Yes this is already a generation behind with regards to the cardinal sin of littering….

At the beach this year got to see 18 year old French girls doing this. These are now considered post-millennial under latest guidelines from Pew research…..but get this…

……my daughters, yes my daughters, at 12 years old, have a friend who is competing as Spanish representative in JESC – Junior Eurovision song contest. She went to the beach to do the video on saving the Oceans and plastics and all that good stuff….but guess what….my daughters say they could not find any plastic on the beach and had to take some with them for the shoot!

Well done Spain.

Good luck Melani in Poland for November….