….discontinue using the common bio-floc process that is ubiquitous in the shrimp aquaculture industry….

..from this report from Natural Shrimp.

Some general information about vibrio and a) biofloc process is not ubiquitous at all where the major shrimp growing is done to satisfy commodity markets b) vibrio is also found in the sea so should there be concern to go swimming c) Taiwan shrimp industry collapsed due to vibrio well point infection – maybe a good pre filter technology for shrimp hatcheries also? Or does chlorine and thiosulphate work just as well?

Unsure exactly what the sell is – surely it should be the shrimp harvest as the profit? There are plenty of treatment processes being offered by RAS and equipment companies. From mechanical, chemical, biological, electrical (pulsed ozone, UV, cold plasma).

For God’s sake sell the frigging shrimp guys. I tried to buy the shrimp from Medina del Campo here in Spain over Internet but did not work….