Black tiger shrimp shouldn’t compete with others…

Production first is correct in GOAL 2019 meeting.

But SPF breeders ??? – well that is more a marketing ploy to have to deliver seed by set controlled genetics….at price market will pay.

Not necessarily only or best way forward. Why compete with SPF vannamei?

Vannamei industry was kickstarted by wild gravid females and that is the solution to current BT program….get scale then do genetics.

Yes production first and, as mentioned previously, ad infintum, the West Coast of Africa is full of gravid BT females.

Already investment from Japan and Vietnam shipping broodstock out of region.

BT breeders used to be shipped out of Mozambique as well once but West African growing population is non endemic, and is fished also.

All that is needed is screening and quarantine to level required.

Cheap seed and grow BT to vannamei size + faster. Markets will follow. Shrimp will always be sold.

What are you waiting for Bangladesh, India?