Ha ! – clear water shrimp RAS better bet going indoors & super-intensive than using a so called bio-floc technology…

The press and others tend to equate RAS with ‘biofloc’….or……that to go intensive and indoor, everyone is using ‘biofloc’. Far from it!

‘Biofloc’ may be good in intensive outdoor but clear systems may be the better bet for indoor super-intensive going forward.

It is the predominate method showing shrimp promise in Europe.

Clear water lends itself to a controlled parameters system that relies less on biological management and totally on physical, mechanical or chemical processes. Dependence switches to quality water management (external) and a complete diet fed – this of course is the important part as there is no secondary supporting feed bacteria in system.

Bio-floc, on the other hand is a biological management that requires culturing. A culture to culture shrimp. Just an intensification really of existing culture mimicking estuarine conditions. Good for outdoor, semi outdoor, non climate controlled systems…

New clean water urban shrimp farm to open in Long Beach, USA in summer 2020