Piloting blockchain traceability tech……Prawnchain and NASA

There you go….can understand Wholechain/Mastercard making user friendly but don’t see that as particularly innovative.

Still no exact explanation about how actually blockchain will be applied to product.

Yes agree transparency build trust.

So continual looped CCTV signed off by Brand to show being dealt with to X standards? QC paperwork copyright photo accompanying every (Mastercard transaction) exchange of hands.

That said Wholechain do need to understand that consumers do want NASA trust when it comes to food security and food safety back up along each step to source as well.

Traceability is to show that NASA technology is being used upstream.

NASA HACCP technology does minimise risk and food recalls – which are costly to business and government. Its a public health USFDA thing OK.

Corrective rapid response is great but prevention best.

USA FDA as a Certifying Body is next.