Indonesia Prawn – BCG

BCG on Indonesia – again some nice info-matics. Technology in intensification and health, genetics, feed is ongoing in the industry globally but goes hand-in-hand with growing demand. Prices are at all time lows. Production intensification and associated shrimp farming technology has been growing y-o-y for 35 years now – its a gentle ramp up and industry is leading. There is nothing disruptive or especially singular but a measured response to demand.

End users and major players buying out of Indonesia already do have traceability and sustainability programs with exporters. There are plenty of CB’s with programs in Indonesia. ACC, ASC, GlobalGAP, etc, etc.

Of course things get murky when one buys to secondary process – you know like additives, breading, cooking, meal kits, etc – as many do European secondary processors. As vannamei is a commodity product it can be interchanged easily – subject to minimal food safety import requirements.

Trace-ability is for marketing (apart from standard country trade requirements). Honestly a meal served to a hospital or other service is looking for cheapest shrimp. Volumes mean no end consumer visuals in food-service – unlike retail.