The Bad Cost Tracking industry…. looks like a challenge for Axa & Spheric Research………

The shrimp industry, the most valuable species within aquaculture measured by global revenue, is effectively un-insurable because of dubious farming methods and high levels of disease?

OMG – what are the markets doing about this ? Dubious farming methods? Mark & Spencers UK? Sainsbury’s? Walmart? What – is BAP/GAA certified not insurable? What about ASC. High levels of disease….help AMR – antimicrobial resistance.

What about insurance post harvest – cold chain, discovery of antibiotics in meat, recalls on food safety?

I don’t think this reporting reflects reality and shows how out of touch insurance and bankers are from industry.

Shrimp industry is high risk high reward – so not really AXA territory – and effectively is managed as self-insured.

High levels of potential for disease – maybe, but manageable with simple good husbandry.

Its not about dubious farming methods – certifiable to anything is possible in the industry.

Transparency has been available for decades with preferred suppliers. Of course the cheap stuff could be iffy – cowboys in industry,