China Coronavirus – not served with frozen shrimp of course…

News out of China on banning trade in wildlife

How will this affect shrimp industry? Prawnmaster spies China market growth with frozen proven safe farmed shrimp as opposed to wild wet exotic but locally found animal species.

In China crayfish give shrimp serious market consumption.

Yes and these Chinese crayfish are local, exotic, wild caught freshwater crayfish.

Are they in on ban?

China is biggest global producer and exporter of crayfish – all from wild.

Wuhan is centre of the crayfish business. So if now wild animals are banned does that stretch to procamus clarkii?

And, if it does, how will crayfish exports and consumption be affected? Good for marine shrimp?

As for if shrimp are safe or not – anything once frozen is better than wet.

Just cook well, wash hands. Basic HACCP.

More pertinent is are Wuhan/Chinese crayfish safe to eat or potential vector?

Useful in the Nile in Egypt though according to WHO.

But what about….your whole raw Chinese crayfish in Sweden?

Your rte Chinese crayfish and rocket salad in Europe, sandwich outlets?

What exactly is the species list of wild exotic species in China as we now are seeing the regulatory issues.