Rising trend of malnutrition, conventionally grown meat? Shrimp aquaculture is the disruptive protein to both…

Human health depends on healthy oceans. Here’s why | World Economic Forum

Prawn still a staple for NASA and others planning Mars…..

Surely not a long time if you are slurping shrimp cocktails….daily.

Nobody goes to space for the food but they may go to celestial pleasure cruises….

Glad to see dehydrated shrimp is still a staple.

Rocketmen bros know what they need short term….

270 days to Mars. One way. Protein per day 100g rehydrated sufficient.

27Kg rehydrated equivalent.

9kg dried shrimp protein payload lift weight.

The Food We’ll Eat on the Journey to Mars (Algae Caviar, Anyone?) | WIRED

NASA – Earth Science Missions….

Two shrimp and NASA connected technologies Prawnmaster has experienced.

1983 – Using NASA satellite technology to look at shrimp pond color / turbidity / algal concentration – for water exchange control in large semi intensive ponds.

1994 – NASA technology on food safety together with USFDA to implement a program on earth for shrimp/seafood safety – now called HACCP.

SpaceX gets $80 million from NASA to launch its Earth Science mission in 2022

Gender Equality in Prawn….

First suggested step to this may be to better break down and understand who is who in the ‘seafood industry’.

Aquaculture and fishing? Fish and shrimp? Sustainable resource building or controlled natural resource exploitation?

As for human gender in shrimp farming the industry has created millions of jobs for women in the processing, post farmed shrimp harvest side. Industry is pretty gender equal in labor and, also, consider that all products getting into mature developed markets are subject to base level import regulatory labor laws (all rights under ILO) with appropriate certifications or, surely, would not enter under basic trade standards.

Why Prawn is the ultimate finger food………but wash hands after handling the raw prawn.

Self-Control and Touch: When Does Direct Versus Indirect Touch Increase Hedonic Evaluations and Consumption of Food

But please stick to steam cooked sterilized shrimp and wash hands after handling the raw prawn…

How to build a Prawnome. What? ain't you got a Prawnhome to go to…

Microbiome – well yeah the bacteria.

Connectome – well yeah the nervous system.