Mpeda India programme to certify shrimp quality…

Must say am confused about this news…

1. Certifying PLs antibiotic free will not mean that harvested end consumer market size shrimp will be antibiotic free – farmers could add antibiotics into ponds wittingly or unwittingly via feed.

2. Indian PLs are not traded internationally – so certification is for internal use.

3. Certification will not guarantee results and may result in demands for compensation if larvae do not perform

4. Misconception about Anti Microbial Resistance. Yes – use of antibiotics can confer AMR thus regulatory control is required.

Certain shrimp certifications ( like BAP) cover food safety. So the onus is on supplying food safe shrimp.

Trying to pass AMR (in raw shrimp) as a public health issue in shrimp is not what food safety certification should be about.

Responsibility is with certifier.

Possibility of litigation is real.

Really in the shrimp end product any microbes are best destroyed by proper cooking and handling.

So correct labelling regarding cooking and washing hands should be in place at end users level.