Coronavirus : specific pathogen shrimp programs – yes there are several out there….

Facts and myths…..

About facts and myths…..’The original shrimp stock was obtained using rigorous screening of captured wild shrimp for selection of individuals naturally free of major shrimp pathogens.”

Not true!

Original shrimp stock were cultured PLs and supplied by Prawnmaster to Dr Lightner at APL, Arizona in 1989 from his facility in Mexico.

They were 16,000 PL’s spawned from artificially inseminated vannamei in Mexico and passed through a proprietary natural selection program on a special diet and an extremely low survival rate.

These were declared SPF by APL (personal communications and visits) and sent to OI in Hawaii. The female Griselda became famous.

There is only one country in the world that had the stranglehold on live global shrimp movements under the UN OIE and that is the USA. A country where Pacific vannamei is not even endemic.

This has led to the manipulation of trade and the promotion of US interests in specific shrimp pathogen programs. USA is not even a shrimp producer – even though that was stated aim or the US NMFS Shrimp Consortium’s program back in the late 1980’s.

Ecuador was the first country that US targeted for its genetics program and it failed miserably. Ecuador has since gone on to develop a more sensible program – with increased resulting production – whereas USA has still zero real shrimp farming.

Coronaviruses : are there diseases, epidemics, pandemics in the prawn…….yes, of course.

Number of epidemics and pandemics so far – well if you believe TSV was one, WSSV is another, IHHNV a further, Yellowhead in there and IMNV added on that is 5 between 1983 and 2003 alone. Anecdotal information here

Many others afflictions arise at regional and local levels linked to specific poor husbandry also.

Disease review here 2015

Coronavirus : lessons from marine shrimp – population numbers exposed to pandemics in the trillions…

Cumulatitive shrimp population grown yearly under human culture from 1983 – 0.1 MMT to 2019 – 4.87MMT around 68 Million metric tonnes.

That would be 68,000,000,000 kg at around average 20 g whole at harvest – or 50 per kg that is :

3,400,000,000,000 individual shrimp have undergone husbandry in industry – the majority vannamei.

That is 3.4 trillion under US system.

Or 3.4 billion (million x million) in UK system.

GOAL – 2010 -2020 data

FAO – 1983 – 2010 data