Div1 prawn virus first seen in 2014 could be raising its ugly whitehead in China again…..

Global vannamei prices set to increase – good news since vannamei shrimp prices have been at record lows for past 2 years….

BUT for those with prawn fear it may be that your bio-security is not up to scratch, you are forcing your culture systems (intensive, no dry-out period?), you are using cheaper feeds (poor nutrition compromises shrimp) or you are growing vannamei in too cold a water environment – yes over 28 to 30 degrees centigrade required for our Pacific vannamei species.

Of course it could be just an inborn error in inmunity developed within the Chinese pacific vannamei genetic program even…..carried to culture with seed and expressed by some sort of trigger.

Below some useful scientific papers but dunno how useful practically. Guess solution is similar to 2014.

Development of a cost-efficient micro-detection slide system for the detection of multiple shrimp pathogens.

ENACA important update here from Feb 20th

Nature scientific report 2017

Australian pamphlet