Coronavirus : how to make a virus disappear. Lesson 1 from shrimp industry – Nutrition.

In 1985 Prawnmaster funded, developed and built his first commercial R&D shrimp hatchery.

Based in Ecuador R & D included test bed with Dr David Jones from University College North Wales on micro-encapsulated feeds Mars became Frippak brand then Sanofi/Inve now Benchmark.

Also included R &D on use of locally isolated primary algae culture, microfeeds (US/Japanese) and testing artemia methodogies in commercial large scale operation passed on by others.

Prawnmaster saw his first shrimp virus under microscope. Tetrahedral inclusion bodies inside hepatopancreas. Initially called BP – baculovirus.

One of our culture batches were suffering with BP. We surmised poor quality algae and artemia may have been cause especially when we added emergency high protein high quality extremely expensive Japanese microfeed.

BP effectively dissappeared from shrimp culture tanks with associated complete lowering of mortality.