Coronavirus : Lesson 2 from shrimp industry – bio-security.

An important part of prevention. At individual level and based on the assumption that there will always be pathogens out there on this planet and in the wild.

Shrimp farmers beware.

Just because you think you are getting something “free from” does not mean that a poor culture system will not convert something that is undetectable to a high enough load and trigger a negative response in your shrimp.

Bio-security has when applied to shrimp aquaculture (by scientists) seems to be defined only as the practice of exclusion of specific pathogens from cultured aquatic stocks in broodstock facilities, hatcheries, and farms, or from entire regions or countries for the purpose of disease prevention.

However bio-security is also about having secure well managed culture conditions that allow for pathogens not to overload your system. Something that scientists do not know how to do. Why?

…because they are not shrimp farmers.

It is about flattening the curve during culture not just going for an isolated contained system – lock down in any other term.

Your culture system needs to be adapted to your very own conditions.

What can help in bio-security is minimizing the risks and load of your culture system and that you are capable of managing – just like a public health body for shrimp.

So density – to avoid crowding. Good quality seed with no underlying health conditions. Good quality nutrition to avoid obesity. If intensive and cannot avoid crowding then lined ponds to stop build up of hot spot carriers. Use of PL stress tests and nurseries to test robustness and free from status.

Water filtration as a bio-security measure to not only avoid specific pathogens entering but also to avoid contamination or alterations to water quality that could affect the biological growth of shrimp. Just as pollution can affect response to

Do not forget that shrimp cannot be vaccinated and their growth and survival depends on your giving them the best opportunities in life to flourish and perform – for you.

In the larger picture there are and will always be base-line levels viruses in a population. Even undetectable.

Avoid the stress of having to report to the UN OIE who have a zero tolerance burn and destroy all scorched pond policy. They will come in and destroy your livelihood saying it is for the greater good of the shrimp industry population. Of course they are in positions that this sort of action will not affect their livelihoods.

Burn all strategy instead of manage all strategy is probably because the US SPF shrimp program (dare I say commercial technology?) tha is the only one with a voice and a vote in the UN OIE.

Supported by the Dutch at EU animal health level – loving their containment / intensive / exclusionary model – that opens up to an attempt to regulate and mange industry through a genetic approach….

Both countries have, to all and intense and purpose, zero shrimp farmers but an inordinate amount of power over shrimp farmers.