Shrimp farming is effective way to extract algae from the environment as a natural protein converter………now let us concentrate.

Shrimp industry grew up with algae.

Managing algae in pond culture for healthy shrimp culture is part of the commercial production.

The industry pioneered intensive volume algae culture in its hatchery sector in commercial production.

1989 pictures of Prawnmaster Mexico algal culture site construction

1990 pictures of Prawnmaster Mexico algae culture

Shrimp farming is an effective method for extracting and converting algae protein from the environment into a human food.

Now circling back the industry is looking at concentrated algae culture apart as a feed-stock ingredient and potential replacement for fishmeal and fish oils. Pioneering again.

If only the price would come down. Algae for human and culinary use is just too expensive. Industry does have problem to scale – even with prices as ridiculous as they are.

Those promoting it do say it it down to species under culture and purity of culture (read quality).

Technology like these Photo-bioreactors (PBR’s) do have their place in our industry (in hatcheries) but we need to look to lower the cost to become a raw material for shrimp grow-out feed on farms – and so industry can also fully dis-associate it from the Oceans.

Here open pond culture is the way forward together with Prawnmaster’s argument that the level of purity is not required as for direct human consumption if destined for feeding shrimp. Similar to pet food.

That leaves scaling up more of a technical problem. The problem being how to take the algae out of the water in a cost effective manner. There are many ways – DARPA & NASA have explored. One least expensive way seems to be via forward osmosis – which could be ideal for desert algae farming. Think of it like how Heinz thicken tomatoes into ketchup.

There are plenty of industries that will benefit and yes algae will save the world – at least it can help here in an area that covers half of humanities food.

Even ex-New Wave Foods founder is promoting algae as in ….”the intricacies of scaling up from a cottage industry to commercial production.”

Personally I am still waiting to see growth of her ex-cottage industry alt shrimp start-up….

My understanding is that Tyson took a stake because an enemy to their enemy must be their friend………shrimp compete with chicken all the time.

The reason Beyond Meat did not take a stake in New Wave Foods was, understandably about market potential. No-one goes in to a place and orders an alternative to healthy shrimp. Not to say that there is not room – as a cottage industry niche player.

Everyone loves shrimp and they are good for you.

Shrimp is a great transitional protein as we try to move away from red meats.

….and lest we forget growing shrimp in algal ponds does give a better FCR and return than even chicken. With chicken being better than carnivorous farmed salmon.