Risky business this US shrimp farming………..bio-insecurity?

How is this possible – and forget about the fire bit?

20 years for proof of concept and sales stopped by a regulatory US authority that puts you in quarantine? Does that mean burning all your stock?

Would it not be better to run permanently under quarantine and thus not require regulatory intervention for diseases. Guess regulatory bodies do not see it that way. Surely this would be standard for any US based system since vannamei is exotic to USA.

If your shrimp die in the system and it should be in a contained system, then the loss is purely a commercial one. If you have open ponds then understandable – so don’t and run containment, quarantine production systems – should be the future model.

Shrimp farmers all around the world can work commercially with viruses nowadays – just make sure any shrimp leaving facility are dead or, better cooked for end consumers.

An important question is how even is it possible that there is IHNNV in the USA – is it not the cradle of SPF shrimp with no live imports allowed in? Does this mean SPF is only as good as the grow-out system?

Ecuador was initial recipient of SPF shrimp back in the early 1990’s – and that failed miserably.