Going native – un ejecutivo chileno tratando de salmonizar la industria del camarón….

Se va a quedar empanada con camarón…

……..Macrobio shrimp hatchery was designed and built in the 1980’s.

While this engineer was probably still at school shrimp industry was growing apace – obviously not in Chile though. I am sure he will learn lots about shrimp aquaculture and enough to understand that there is nothing the salmon sector has to offer that has not already or, is not currently, being pursued.

Tad arrogant – industry sector has done well and is even bigger that salmon and more profitable for more people.

There is not much similar between vannamei shrimp and salmon after all. Just that they are grown in water.

Genetic methodology used may be similar (so what!) but nutrition is different (shrimp warm-water omnivorous – salmon cold-water carnivorous).

Water quality totally different – shrimp nutrient rich tropical : salmon pristine clear coldwater.

Process/production standards – came about first with shrimp. SOP’s, HACCP, BAP, etc – all first with shrimp followed by salmon sector.