How many Prawn are required for a lifetime of protein consumption – with the added benefit of not requiring any other source/sauce…

Your personal impact – bit silly really but here it goes:

For shrimp – Total = 69,940 + 7,800 = 77,740 small sea animals consumed over 82.25 years.

That is 945 shrimp per year. Or 2.5 per day each person.

One hectare of shrimp harvesting on average 20MT/year at 20g = 1,000,000 shrimp per year.

That is enough for 1,000 people – for their lifetime!

10 sqm per person. Some intensive cultures are getting 100MT/ha. Knocks it down to 2 sqm per person.

One portion of shrimp to cover all your protein needs daily is around 100g. Peeled that is 10 shrimp per day. 4x the 2.5.

Eat more shrimp. Stop eating anything else protein wise. Footprint will be under 10sqm. For life!