Yet more Prawn ignorance…….resulting in yet more beefy rants.

Look – just stick to unhealthy fried food and cheese melt to hide the faux seafoods.

Yet again an astounding ignorance shown about the reality of shrimp aquaculture.

At least David Public understands it’s not as bad as what these sort of people keep, incessantly and tiringly, harping on about against what they see as the “Goliath” of seafood – shrimp

Of course – they have their agendas to fill and their pots to beat but it is amazing the lack of knowledge – probably because referential material is stuck in the same rubbish paradigm found on ill informed, misleading or anecdotal sites.

Majority of shrimp is certified and retailers are careful to comply. So what is the beef?

Consumers just need to look at label or buy from trusted brands. USA has that protection in place.