More Prawn fairy tales…

Ignorance is bliss. This is twisted fake news reporting.

Talking about cesspools and having to move a shrimp farm after a couple of years? Where do they find this crap? Are they being fed false information by cowboys?

Nobody builds a shrimp farm and then moves it elsewhere. That is insane. Shrimp farms are still going strong after 10-20-30 even 40 years.

Such sensationalist bullshit from supposed professionals – doctors and environmentalists? Obviously chasing an agenda so making up fairy tales is legitimate…

Then you get journos like this Rowan Jacobsen blindly following the claptrap as they continue to lay down a false narrative. Did he even bother to fact check or just cut and paste parrot fashion?

Standards are not what they used to be in reporting. Anything goes now – for your 15 minutes of fame.

BTW Rowan – there is no “revolution” – it is just another food market segmentation. Been happening for years if you had not noticed. Look at Quorn history as one simple example.