Seafood sector knows there are no anti-microbials used in Prawn culture…….leave it to the fish.

After this article in Undercurrent….

Remember the AMR arguments coming out of Canada looking for the next big thing to control import, influence consumption or promote local culture……..and yet the level of food safety of shrimp is very high. Nothing that a good cooking will not sterilize – unless you buy imported cooked…

….anyway PrawnMaster checked the shrimp Nature article – back to Lancet.

Problem is “In aquaculture, production intensification and increasing incidence of aquatic animal pathogens are similarly driving antimicrobial use9,10,11 and antimicrobial resistance12 across a diversity of farmed aquatic species ” – references papers looking at fish 5 and 10 years ago.

NOT shrimp.

“which species-specific mean antimicrobial use coefficients in milligrams per kilogram of aquatic animal biomass were obtained.”

This is not well defined as lifted from internet surveys of trials published but could include pre and probiotic use as anti-microbial – so called non-therapeutics – which could be molasses even…..

Anyway rejoice as shrimp sector is at zero antimicrobial use anyway according to Nature – see here.