Saltwater Aquaculture Moves Inland….unlikely prawn will switch and go near or off shore…inland is suitable. Intensification is next…

Farmed prawn are not fish and vannamei is not carnivore – take any (reference to) prawn here with a pinch of salt….

This is all about salmon really – yet again…..

However, because it shrimp aquaculture is practiced far away really from Western media access (shrimp farming is tropical and mainly in developing countries).

So there is an enormous amount of ignorance and media spin that is taken for granted and endlessly repeated until it becomes gospel.

BUT – a lot is just not true and should be taken with a pinch of salt..

Vannamei are not carnivores.

Prawn – an orderly well functioning machine with a sense of community, purpose and being…

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Well OK not a specific wiki for shrimp or prawn….

….WHO will claim.