Save energy – these are not fish. 40+ years prawn DO testing…optimal range for growth and survival to 20g is 4-6 mg/ml…

Dissolved Oxygen in estuaries, where there is an abundance of benthic detritus eating vannamei, sits around 5 mg/ml.

In shrimp ponds the range is from 2-10 – due, not to shrimp, but algae and bacterial respiration diurnally.

Best DO range for shrimp growth and survival is 4-6 mg/ml.p

Could crushed rocks absorb enough carbon to curb global warming?

…for the frozen prawn market…downstream robotics for quality assurance…clean, sterile food safety… date there are several deheader working in the market.

This patent covers deheading and deveining in a frozen state.

For below zero robotic shrimp processing technology in Europe – targeted for imported shrimp.

Prototype with Bold Robotics…