Tumultuous Prawn – it’s a vision thing…

A shrimp transfer pump with counting possibilities via vision.

Hopefully another service to the industry to help it get more efficient – like automated electricity input control and automated acoustic shrimp feeding.

Quite a few transfer pumps used already. Counters and vision things less – more for fish.

Would be nice to see test results…and costs…the Sincere Shrimp Biomass counter..



Hemp protein diet trial for salmon – prawn next?


Survival vs growth in the prawn. Farmed domesticated vs wild.

In the wild the shrimp strategy is survival over growth – to reproduce for continuation of the species.

On a farm domesticated shrimp are not healthy shrimp that would flourish normally in the wild.

Farmed shrimp are geared to fulfil a particular, limited purpose, not to live a full and rounded life.

Increases in growth rate, which would be irrational for a wild shrimp, make perfect sense in a crop, because crops live for people, not themselves.